The Name Of The Wind – Patrick Rothfuss

Recently I read this truely amazing book from Patric Rothfuss.

It tells the story of young Kvothe growing up in one tragedy after another but nevertheless gets known as the most popular Arcanist (sth like a wizard). In the book Kvothe himself is telling his story to the “Chronicler” who is willing to publish it as the first fully true biography of Kvote.

Sometimes the book gets really close to the Middle Ages, but then there comes again, after a short time, the fantasy elements into focus. The story of Kvothe is told from his childhood until his teenage years. There is a sequal of the book called “The Wise Man’s Fear“ (I have also written something about that book: Patrick Rothfuss – The Wise Man’s Fear)

The book comprises nearly 1000 pages written very densely, so with only very little line pitch. That hinders the reading a bit, but otherwise the book would only have become even bigger than it is now. But this little disadvantage is more than outweight by the quality of the book. Rothfuss is writing in an awesome manner! All of the different story elements are fitting perfectly. He takes the reader into a totally different world with a different culture, different languages and countries. It is all explained very well and the reader really has got the impression, if only for the time you are reading the book, to be in another world, another universe.

If you have a little time and patience I can only recommend the book to you!


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