I most recently visited London and it was awesome! I absolutely love this city! We were staying in Kensington West near the Tube station “Barons Curt”, a lovely, old station. If anyone of you is willing or already planning to visit London, this is a very nice and central area to stay.

I was there with a good friend of mine and my mother. We visited a lot of bookstores, the Waterstone’s 4 or 5 times.. We also went to China Town, near Leicster Square and Covent Garden which I count beneath my most beloved places in London. It is not too big but nevertheless very central (and very beautiful!!) and you have access to the tube and the bus. If you want to visit Picadilly Circus, it is only a little walk from Leicster Square away. Of course we also visited the touristic things like Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge and King’s Cross but we did not do too much of that, there are way too many people in these areas.. My mother’s favorite place in London seemed to be Trafalgarth Square, also lovely with a little church in whose cellar you can have lunch or drink a tea. During the period we stayed in London there was one day something like an africain market, unfortunately I did not manage to visit it. Besides, from over there you can look straight to the Big Ben. Moreover, we visited the Sherlock Holmes Museum, for all Sherlock fans, it’s great!

On one of our days in London we wanted to pay Harrod’s a visit because it was recommended by a friend. We got there by bus and it was horrible. Perhaps you have other impressions of it (please let me know in the comments) but we wanted to get out of it as fast as possible. There were way too many people (yes I know, in London there are always many people, but there it was just too extreme) and the products sold there did not fit my interests. There was a big perfume section and an even bigger section for handbags but they were absolutely not my taste and way too expensive for any “normal” human being to affort just like that.


To come to the more pleasant side, we planned to visit a lot of markets but we only managed to visit two: The Portobello Market and a little farmer’s market. The Portobello Market is a very nice market, not too big but you can find everything there. It resembles to a jumble sale if you ask me. A jumble sale with a lot of food..

Talkig about food, I absolutely love the food in London! You can eat whatever you want whenever you want, nobody seems to care. At the farmers market we got known to a woman baking excellent cakes. Her factory is called “Badass Cakes” (if you want to you can check her page on facebook and instagram). Moreover, if you are staying near Baron’s Court or Kensington West station you have to visit the “Café Continente” and “Mamma Anna”. In the café you can get a great english breakfast (and of course also other types of breakfast) and have a tea or some juice. Mamma Anna is like a little italian restaurant where you can find organic and healthy food which does not taste too bad, it actually tasted pretty good..

If you want to have a nice overview of London there are two places to visit: The Tate Modern Gallery (on the 6th floor is a café where you can watch down on the city while having a drink, but it is very crowded and it is hard to find a seat) and the Westminster Cathedral (you can go by elevator on top of of its tower and have an amazing view on London, it is not very known so it was not crowded at all, we were all in all only four people).

On our last day we visited the British Library which is just extraordinary. You can find everything concerning books there, for my friend and I it was just lunch and a bunch of books we bought in its shop because we hadn’t got access to the library itself. The lunch was excellent by the way.. 😉

Another very important aspect about London is its multiculturalism. It is so relieving to see that it is possible for people of so many different cultures and origins to live peacefully and excellently together even though there is the BREXIT. I can only recommend to pay it a visit!



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